Routing MDF Boards

What is MDF?

MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is a synthetic product that comes in flat boards. Made up of dried sawdust and wood shavings, and held together by resins and wax, it can come in an array of veneers. It has a very smooth, even finish with no noticeable knots or grains, making it good for painting or varnishing. Left bare, it can resemble any natural material from solid wood to concrete.

MDF vs. Wood

An MDF board is hard to break and is actually stronger and heavier than most varieties of wood. Under pressure, timber splinters and cracks, but MDF retains its form – even when exposed to heat and moisture – making it incredibly durable and versatile. Only extreme water damage or heat can destroy its structure (although you can purchase MDF boards that are resistant to both).

Why choose MDF boards for CNC Routing?

Routing MDF boards is becoming more and more popular because it is a material that is readily available and generally cheaper than most types of wood. Its makeup is strong, stable and uniform, so it can be easily machined, processed and finished to a high standard by a CNC MDF cutting service.

What can you make from MDF?

An MDF board can be easily cut and shaped into various designs, including intricate fretwork, detailing and engraving, and is popular in a wide range of industries, from carpentry to furniture making. MDF routing is commonly used to make cabinets and shelves, flat-pack furniture, flooring, doors and door frames, booths, sets and speaker boxes.

How much does it cost to get MDF boards milled?

Pricing always depends on the type of project you have (i.e. size and design requirements). Please contact us with your enquiries or specific instructions for a free quote.

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