Birch Plywood Cutting

What is Birch Plywood?

Birch plywood is the premium choice of plywood in Australia. Cut from deciduous trees of the same name, they are mostly manufactured in Northern Europe, North Asia and North America. A hardwood, it is popular for its strength, durability and affordability. It’s also recognisable by its warm, light beige / honey colour and subtle, squiggly grain detail.

What is the difference between Birch Ply sheets and normal Plywood sheets?

Although regular plywood sheets are made from multiple layers too, birch plywood has a cross-banded composition which gives it an edge. The two outer layers are called the face and back veneers, with the inside referred to as the core stock. It’s lighter and sturdier than regular ply and has a high resistance to water damage, cracking and warping.

Why use CNC cutting services for Birch Plywood?

Even though birch plywood is tough, it’s still pretty pliable, making it a good choice for CNC machining. Because it can be so flexible, it can be used to create all sorts of custom panel shapes and decorative pieces, so routing options are wide and varied to suit many different industries and uses. Its solid, smooth surface also makes it an ideal wood for holding screws in place as it has a great grip.

What can you make from CNC cut Birch Plywood sheets?

Birch ply panels are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Often used for architectural designs and commercial joinery, it is also a popular option for domestic products, such as solid or flatpack furniture like tables, chairs, desks, storage boxes, shelving units, bench seats, cabinets and consoles. It can work for wooden toys, dog kennels and acoustic wall panels too, as well as industrial and construction projects, like home renovation partitions.

How much does Birch Ply cutting cost?

Pricing always depends on the type of project you have (i.e. size and design requirements).

Please contact us with your enquiries or specific instructions for a free quote.

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