CNC Plywood Cutting

What is Plywood?

Plywood is a material manufactured from thin layers or “plies” of wood veneer. These layers are then glued together in alternating right angles (90 degrees) to create a cross-grain pattern. The surface of high-grade plywood is always smooth and it doesn’t have any knots holes or ups and downs. Unlike MDF though, it does more closely resemble wood with visible grains and patterns.

Plywood vs. Wood

Solid wood is considered stronger than plywood because it’s a uniform material, however, timber is prone to shrinkage across the grain and plywood isn’t. Plywood can also be made to bend or curve, and it doesn’t split at the edges when nailed or screwed.

Why choose Plywood for CNC cutting?

CNC plywood cutting is a popular practice because it is a material that is easy to obtain and use - plus, it’s cheaper than solid wood. Popular among homeowners, renovators and builders, it’s a consistent, void-free and stable cabinet-grade engineered wood, with an attractive finish. You can easily use the preset wood settings for plywood when cutting, shaping and finishing a piece with a CNC routing machine, as the materials have similar characteristics.

What can you make from Plywood?

A very versatile product, plywood can be used for a wide range of structural, interior and exterior needs. You can make anything from beds, dressers, desks and side tables, to benches, boxes, architectural models, and stencils. On a building site, you’ll often see plywood used to construct beams, cladding and wall and roof braces.

How much does it cost to cut Plywood with CNC?

Pricing always depends on the type of project you have (i.e. size and design requirements). Please contact us with your enquiries or specific instructions for a free quote.

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