Alucobond CNC Routing

What is Alucobond cladding?

Alucobond® is composite panelling, consisting of x2 aluminium cover sheets and x1 fire-retardant or non-combustible core, typically made of polyethylene. It has a smooth surface, and is stable yet flexible. It comes in a wide range of colours and surface types that can mimic raw materials such as wood, copper, concrete, marble and stone. It is also fully recyclable.

Why use Alucobond for CNC routing?

Any standard CNC routing machines with grooving accessories will work well on Alucobond. It’s very versatile and durable, and can take on many different shapes and processes without losing its structural integrity, from being cut, milled and drilled, to being folded or bent into curves. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as high temperatures and extended UV exposure, and provides good insulation, ventilation and moisture control. Despite being dubbed as virtually indestructible and shock-resistant, it is lightweight enough to manoeuvre around when working with it and it is easy to install.

What can you make from Alucobond?

Alucobond cladding is primarily used for building and architectural purposes. It is most often used as external wall claddings and canopies for both residential and commercial property facades, as well as for wall panels, signage and for the fascia finish on roof framing. It can be used to help make partitions, containers, lifts, ceilings, walls and furniture. It is also found in shipbuilding and automotive applications, such as for insulation on boats or cladding on caravans, as well as rail and transport construction and engineering (i.e. cabins and doors).

How much does cutting Alucobond cost?

Birch ply panels are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Often used for architectural designs and commercial joinery, it is also a popular option for domestic products, such as solid or flatpack furniture like tables, chairs, desks, storage boxes, shelving units, bench seats, cabinets and consoles. It can work for wooden toys, dog kennels and acoustic wall panels too, as well as industrial and construction projects, like home renovation partitions.

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